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Cityzen by Azin transforms aerial views of cities into wearable art, taking inspiration from colors and patterns of the earth from above. Itpromotes global dialogue and diplomacy through fashion by transcending physical and mental borders believing that the arts bridge differences, technology reveals beauty, inter-connectivity leads to new discoveries, and taking the long view brings commonality into focus.


Esfahan Scarf_MCS

Esfahan Map.jpg
Esfahan Map.jpg

Esfahan Scarf_MCS


Modal and Cashmere blend with eyelash fringes.

Digital print.

42″ x 42″.

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BECOME: A Cityzen of ESFAHAN and......

SMELL: The roses at the Hasht Behesht (Eight Paradises) garden and palace

TOUCH: The intricate inlaid wood work called Khatam

SHOP: Persian handicraft at Naghsh-e Jahan Square, one of the largest city squares in the world

VISIT: The Armenian Vank Cathedral, one of the first churches built in 1606

TASTE: Biryani at Azam

APPRECIATE: The magnificent tiled dome of the Sheikh Lutfallah Mosque

HEAR: Bakhtiari music from the provinces of Esfahan

REST: At the steps of Khaju Bridge leading into the river, a masterpiece of architecture

DRINK: An afternoon tea at the base of Siose Pol (Thirty Arches)

SLEEP: At the 300 year old caravansary, Shah Abbas Hotel

READ: The Blood of Flowers, set in 17th century Esfahan

WALK: Through the Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) palace and garden

SEE: The Aali Qapu Pavilion’s music room overlooking the main square

WATCH: The documentary Esfahan, Pearl of Iran

TAKE: Sowhan, a traditional saffron brittle toffee