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Cityzen by Azin transforms aerial views of cities into wearable art, taking inspiration from colors and patterns of the earth from above. Itpromotes global dialogue and diplomacy through fashion by transcending physical and mental borders believing that the arts bridge differences, technology reveals beauty, inter-connectivity leads to new discoveries, and taking the long view brings commonality into focus.



The inspiration for the Aleppo scarf was Azin’s strong desire to support humanitarian efforts in one of the most ancient cities in Syria and the world. Azin’s belief in supporting women in having a voice at every negotiating table, is one of the fundamental principles of Cityzen.  

The tranquil and peaceful image of one of the public parks in Aleppo before the war was the starting point for color choices for this scarf. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Aleppo Women for Peace and Democracy, a network supported by UN Women.



   The sparkling crystal clear waters of Bahamas to the depths of 100 feet are the inspiration for this scarf which showcases the all imaginable shades of blues: Turquoise, ultramarine, azure, cerulean, royal blue, sea green and even rich purples. Wrap yourself in the over 700 islands of Bahamas with the Cityzen Bahamas scarf, sarong, or kaftan and picture yourself walking along the white sandy beaches soaking in the sun.



   At night, the streets of Bangkok come alive with vibrant neon lights and joyful locals heading out. The city of Bangkok would not be the same without the beautiful and exciting night life.



  The Brandenburg Gate has been a symbol of German unity since its construction in the 18th century; even when the Berlin Wall was in place, the gate was the only connection between East and West Berlin. For centuries this beautiful monument has held the city of Berlin together.



   The color scheme for the Buenos Aires scarf was inspired by the Caminito ("little path" in Spanish), a street museum and a traditional alley, located in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The Caminito not only boasts a beautiful array of colors but represents the spirit in the streets of Buenos Aires; joyful and culturally inspiring.



   The inspiration for the Cairo scarf was the Nile River and its lush green fertile grounds with its sandy desert banks and architecture. The Nile is the longest river in the world and has guided Egypt’s history, traditional beliefs and practices. It represents the life and power of Egypt and its people.



   The Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town with its rock formation and green flora mixed with the aqua blue of the Atlantic Ocean was the inspiration for the Cape Town scarf. In an ever-changing city such as Cape Town, such a beautiful and long-standing landmark truly means a lot to its citizens. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Generation Ubuntu, a non-profit organization which supports children with HIV in South Africa.



  The Gold Coast is the perfect representation of reformation through flame- the entire neighborhood was born from the Great Chicago Fire. After the fire millionaires flocked to the coast, building grand castle-like mansions and establishing it as the richest neighborhood in the city. The Gold Coast is a testament to the fortitude and grandeur of the people of Chicago.



   The Dallas scarf was influenced by the glittering skyline and the Dallas Cowboys. Azin fused these colors when designing the scarf- a must have for anyone holding dear the spirit of Dallas!



  Azin’s memories of lush green landscape of Bangladesh when she was there is early 90’s was the inspiration for her choice of hues in grassy, emerald, chartreuse and forest greens incorporated in the Dhaka scarf. Accents of peach and pink are inspired by Lalbagh Fort, considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangladesh and a prime example of Dhaka’s architecture since its construction in 17th century.


   The sandy desert color limestone that has shaped The Museum of Islamic Art, built by IM Pei, was Azin’s inspiration for the beige and black Doha scarf. Its insides lined with the gems of an ancient and storied culture of the Islamic world, makes the museum a must visit destination.



   Only the palm trees of the Arabian Desert’s bright sandy hills could capture the spirit of Dubai- a beautiful oasis amidst a seemingly endless plain of sand, a glittering diamond in the rough.



   Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque of Esfahan, a masterpiece of world’s architecture since the 17th century and one of Azin’s favorite monuments in this ancient city, was the inspiration for the Esfahan scarf. The turquoise, blue and sandy yellow glazed tiles create a sunburst inside the dome from which descend medallions inscribing floral motifs.



   As the world's most influential continent, Europe is a vast and beautiful land- its beauty is only amplified as it slumbers, lights glittering.



   Gaza's color choices were inspired by the green strawberry fields of Gaza. Even in a nation wrought with so much chaos and destruction, beauty and dreams still remain in the strawberry fields forever. This scarf was created in conjunction with the Jerusalem scarf and supports peace building efforts by women through UN Women. This scarf comes in a square modal/cashmere fabric or a rectangular satin silk option and for all peace lovers, and in limited edition, we offer the Gaza and Jerusalem scarves ( Israel/Palestine) stitched together in a beautiful satin silk finish. 



   The Hong Kong scarf was inspired by the unique atmosphere and lighting created by the neon lights of the city of Hong Kong as it glitters and comes alive at night.



   The terracotta rooftop tiles with their rich hues of deep brown, toasty orange and fired clay in contrast to the deep navy color of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus is what inspired Azin for the color choices of the Istanbul scarf.



   The Jaisalmer scarf was created in collaboration with and on behalf of the CITTA Foundation to help raise funds and awareness in developing an innovative school/cooperative in Jaisalmer, India. The initiative aims to provide young girls with an education in combination with a women’s economic development program. The Thar desert colors northwest of Jaisalmer and the ornate building compound that will be restored to function as the girl’s school, were the inspiration for the scarf.



   The color of Jerusalem scarf was inspired by the shades of limestone of the Western Wall which has been the most important religious site for Jews for hundreds of years and represents a complex history surrounding the city. This scarf was created in conjunction with the Gaza scarf and supports peace building efforts by women through UN Women. This scarf comes in a square modal/cashmere fabric or a rectangular satin silk option and for all peace lovers, and in limited edition, we offer the Gaza and Jerusalem scarves ( Israel/Palestine) stitched together in a beautiful satin silk finish. 



  The Kabul scarf was created in collaboration with the Afghan/American fashion designer, Zolaykha Sherzad of Zarif Design. The gorgeous color of the scarf was inspired by the deep blue mineral of the lapis lazuli, an extremely rare and only found in a few places in the world such as Kabul.



   Los Angeles is internationally known as Hollywood: movie-land, and reaching that expectation is a personal point of pride for the city. The Forest Lawn Memorial Park serves not only as a beautiful landscape but in part as a cemetery, with 424 famous entertainers from the city of Los Angeles. A monument to the city’s greatest and greatness, the Forest Lawn Memorial Park embodied the soul and pride of Los Angeles.



   The inspiration for the London color scheme is the lush green landscape of the city and the beautiful Hyde Park- a glittering green gem located south of the Rolling Bridge. And one of the greatest city parks in the world.



   Miramar is strategically located within Manila's cultural and business hub and facing picturesque Manila Bay. It is a stone's throw away from a dozen of cultural landmarks. Miramar represents the cultural hub that is Manila as a whole, and inspired the Manila scarf.



  The Marseille scarf and dress were created based on a custom order from a client who was born and grew up in Marseille and whose daughter was getting married in one of the vineyards outside the city. Her childhood memories of this sunburst Mediterranean city with rich blues of the coast were captured on this chiffon scarf and dress that with white architect   . Naturally the very same treasured port inspired the city’s scarf, modeled specifically after the rich blues of the coast.



   The jewel of Mashhad is without question the Goharshad Mosque- intricately decorated with a full scale of colors from a dominant cobalt blue to saffron and aubergine. Only this colorful monument could embody the spirit of Mashhad, one of the holiest cities in Iran, leading to the inspiration for the Mashhad scarf.



   Azin’s love for the art deco architecture of Miami was the inspiration for the colors for this scarf. The Art Deco Historic District; an architectural project taken on in the 20s to transform a part of the city into a piece of art captures the pastel tones of the Miami scarf. Her choice of using a silk georgette was to allow gentle movement of the scarf with the sea breeze cruising along Ocean Drive. The modal/cashmere scarf is a perfect piece to be used as a sarong around your body walking along the South Beach.



   Red Square- the historic landmark between the Kremlin, former royal citadel, and Kitaigorod, a historic merchant quarter was the inspiration for the Moscow scarf. Red Square being at the center of Moscow, and its many historic landmarks around it, embodies the storied soul of Russia.



Vindaloo Curry – a fiery and spicy popular dish in Mumbai and most of India is where the inspiration for the scarf came from. A culture is not only shaped by its values but by its unique day to day wonders; and none can recreate Mumbai's rich food culture.



   No view is more iconic of New York than that of the Empire State Building, the inspiration for this New York scarf. The tallest building in the city and Azin’s favorite tourist attraction. The classic at dusk New York skyline would be incomplete without it.



   Old New York sepia and orange tinted colored photos of its landscape, architecture and hustle and bustle of the city were the source of inspiration for Azin and the very first scarf she designed.



   The memory of the beautiful open views of Palermo with the terracotta tiled roof tops was the inspiration for this green Palermo scarf. Cover your shoulders with this beautiful and breezy scarf as you enter the many Romanesque and Baroque Sicilian churches with their Arabesque motifs and see the merging of the different centuries of styles and cultures in magnificent architectural monuments.



   This crimson red and golden Palermo scarf was inspired by the locally grown lemons and oranges. The internationally known Tarocco blood oranges are known to be purifying, energizing, and refreshing and each slice gradates from light orange to deep ruby. Tie this scarf around your waist as a skirt or your neck as a sarong and let it take you to the markets of Palermo.



   Azin’s memory of Paris skyline was the inspiration for this scarf. The Paris skyline is one of the world’s most iconic views, and no part is more integral than the Eiffel Tower. The City of Light however is lit not only by this miracle of architecture but by the vibrant Paris sky especially in the early morning hours… magnifique!



   Paris has always been known as "La Ville-Lumière" ("The City of Light"), and so naturally the city's vibrant lights inspired the artistic choices made when designing the Paris map. The light of the iconic Eiffel Tower will always stand for the joie-de-vivre of Paris and all of France.



  Philadelphia’s scarf was inspired by the beauty and color of “old city” Philadelphia with its rich historic landmarks and passion. Wrap this modal/cashmere scarf around your neck to stay warm and connected to this historic city.



   The color scheme for Port au Prince's map was inspired by the beautiful and multicolored residential area. In each of these houses resides a strong and proud Haitian family, serving their city with the love and beauty of their home.



   Rome's scarf was inspired by the purple light that falls upon Saint Peter's Basilica, the magnificent Italian renaissance church in Vatican City. The great city of Rome has been a place of beauty and culture throughout history, and the scarf pays homage to the heart of this city.



   If for anything, San Francisco is known for the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge; an architectural wonder and the previous world’s largest suspension bridge. The grand spirit of the bridge and of the city of San Francisco are joined together in the scarf.



   This green San Francisco scarf was inspired by the lush neighboring wine country- only here can such a calm and refined countryside stand alongside a bustling city. This mix represents the unique variety in San Francisco which boasts of having a park within a 10 minute walk. Wear your SF scarf as you stroll through the parks.



  The San Juan scarf was designed by one of our designers who was born in San Juan! The mix of sienna, sepia, yellows and the vivid colors of the El Morro Fort of old San Juan. San Juan has so much beauty that even in its oldest walls echo with its vibrant culture.



  The Seoul scarf was inspired by the neon lights and their reflection onto the Han River and the violet sky above the city. Seoul is a city of innovation and the future- surely it can be no coincidence that the city would have such a magical night sky. The Seoul scarf is accompanied by a border and comes in satin silk with hand rolled edges.



  The green and peaceful Yu Garden in Shanghai was the inspiration for our scarf. This national monument is divided into six general areas laid out in Suzhou style and consists of rockeries, ponds, pavilions, cloisters and towers. The red Koi fish are a delightful feature of the ponds.



  A breathtaking view of the Alborz mountain range looming over the city inspired this scarf. The city’s relative size only makes the life thriving within it even more incredible. The Alborz mountains stretch from Azerbaijan along the western and southern coast of the Caspian Sea and all the way east to Khorasan. The sandstone and rust color sediments bring back vivid memories of Azin growing up on the hills of these mountains.



   The design for the Tokyo scarf was inspired by Japan's renowned colorful gardens and the striking beauty of the maple trees. Tokyo's beauty and splendor is present in both its metropolitan design and in its traditional gardens alike.



   The Toronto’s color scheme was requested by a Cityzen fan and client who resides in Toronto and is also an architect/urban planner. The Toronto skyline at night- reflecting onto the water, is a reminder of the vibrant life and the richness of its landscape and it echoes the spirit of Toronto.



  This scarf was inspired by the Cherry Blossom Festival; a month-long flurry of bright pink petals and parade floats. What better than the city’s most vibrant hour to represent its life and beauty.



   The magnificent dome of the Jame Mosque with its yellow and turquoise geometric tiles were the inspiration for the color choices for this scarf. Yazd and its winding alleys, centuries old mudbrick homes, wind catchers, and Zoroastrian temples is an oasis within the desert in Iran. Wear the Yazd scarf and wrap yourself in 5000 years of history.