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Cityzen by Azin transforms aerial views of cities into wearable art, taking inspiration from colors and patterns of the earth from above. Itpromotes global dialogue and diplomacy through fashion by transcending physical and mental borders believing that the arts bridge differences, technology reveals beauty, inter-connectivity leads to new discoveries, and taking the long view brings commonality into focus.



Tehran Map.jpg
Tehran- Aerial_View_of_Tehran_26.11.2008_04-35-03.JPG
Tehran Map.jpg
Tehran- Aerial_View_of_Tehran_26.11.2008_04-35-03.JPG



Digital print

Material: 90% modal 10% cashmere blend with hand rolled finish.

Size: 42" x 42"

Color: Multi color

A breathtaking view of the Alborz mountain range looming over the city inspired this scarf. The city’s relative size only makes the life thriving within it even more incredible. The Alborz mountains stretch from Azerbaijan along the western and southern coast of the Caspian Sea and all the way east to Khorasan. The sandstone and rust color sediments bring back vivid memories of Azin growing up on the hills of these mountains.

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BECOME: A Cityzen of TEHRAN and……

SMELL: The intoxicating tuberoses and Jasmine flowers

TOUCH: The intricate brickwork at the Abgineh Museum

VISIT: The Golestan Palace and its 200 year old gardens

TASTE: The national dish, Chelo Kabab, at Alborz

APPRECIATE: The mountain trail open teahouses by hiking in Darband

HEAR: The master traditional singer and composer, Shajarian

REST: At one of the most picturesque parks, Jamshideieh

DRINK: Pomegranate juice, the fruit of paradise and symbol of fertility.

READ: Mystical poetry of Rumi

WALK: Along the tree lined street, Valiasr

SEE: The most valuable collection of Western Modern Art outside Europe and the US at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

WATCH: A Separation, the Oscar winning foreign film

TAKE: A hand woven silk Persian rug