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138 Spring Street
New York, NY, 10012


Cityzen by Azin transforms aerial views of cities into wearable art, taking inspiration from colors and patterns of the earth from above. Itpromotes global dialogue and diplomacy through fashion by transcending physical and mental borders believing that the arts bridge differences, technology reveals beauty, inter-connectivity leads to new discoveries, and taking the long view brings commonality into focus.


MOS Neck Scarf/Pocket Square

Moscow Scarf 17 x 17  Red with new logo-SMALL.jpg
NS Moscow.jpg
Mosco PS smqall .jpg
Moscow Scarf 17 x 17  Red with new logo-SMALL.jpg
NS Moscow.jpg
Mosco PS smqall .jpg

MOS Neck Scarf/Pocket Square


100% silk with accent color edge finish
17” x 17”
Digital print

Aerial view of Moscow


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BECOME: A Cityzen of MOSCOW and……

SMELL: Russian chef, Micheal Tuzgilkin’s creations at The Apartment

TOUCH: The majestic columns inside Mayakovskaya Metro Station

SHOP: For understated design at Kuznetsky Most 20

VISIT: The State Treryakov Gallery to view Russian Avant-Garde art

TASTE: Medovichoks at the Confectionery Pushkin

APPRECIATE: Ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre

HEAR: Local music groups at Solyanka

REST: At the Ritz Carlton spa on the Red Square

DRINK: Your vodka at Jean-Jacques during all-night literature discussions

SLEEP: At the art nouveau style Hotel Metropol

READ: Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

WALK: In Moscow’s bohemian heart, Old Ulitsa Arbat Street

SEE: Melnikov House, an icon of it’s time, built in 1929

WATCH: Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972

TAKE: Red October Chocolates wrapped in Soviet graphic design