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Copenhagen Scarf Framed
Copenhagen Scarf Framed
Copenhagen Scarf Framed

Copenhagen Scarf Framed

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Size: 20" x 20"

Color: Turquoise sea and multi-color land with mustard color eyelash fringes

Material: 100% silk framed in matte white fiberboard with polystyrene front protection.

Description: Digital print of the aerial view of Copenhagen

This framed silk scarf of Copenhagen was inspired by copper roof tops and multi colored buildings along the Nyhavn Canal. A great gift to any woman or man.


Copper rooftops of Copenhagen/ The Borsen Stock Exchange

The Borsen/Old Stock Exchange

Colorful buildings along the Nyhavn Canal

Colorful buildings along the canals

Nordic cuisine

Nordic Cuisine

The iconic Arne Jacobson furniture

Arne Jacobson furniture

Danish Daisies

Danish Daisies


Copenhagen Scarf Framed