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WHO (World Health Organization)

The Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund is created by the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation to contribute to the WHO-led effort to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic 2020, in a massive effort to help countries prevent, detect, and manage the virus – particularly those where the needs are the greatest.

Cityzen is donating 30% of our sales throughout March 2020, from our entire collection of global scarves to WHO in their efforts to combat COVID-19.

To donate to WHO directly, please visit WHO

Healthy Earth


   "At Generation Ubuntu, we see the person first, not the illness. HIV is no longer a death sentence – it is a manageable condition and the right whole-person care can enable children to live full, successful and meaningful lives. Generation Ubuntu improves the health and well-being of children and teens living with HIV in South Africa through a comprehensive care model of health and nutrition, psycho-social support, HIV and life skills education, and community engagement. The children love the program and we can keep the support going with your help!"

Cape Town Scarf $125



This New York scarf was designed in support of women with breast cancer and for The AVON 39 Walk that takes place in NY City every year in October. The path of the two day walk is marked in two tones of pink. We were honored that model and actress Lara Wolf partnered with us for this campaign.

New York Scarf $175

New York Pocket Square or Neck Scarf $45