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Athens Scarf Framed
Athens Scarf Framed
Athens Scarf Framed

Athens Scarf Framed

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Size: 20" x 20"

Color: Hues of blue and white

Material: 100% silk framed in matte white fiberboard with polystyrene front protection.

Description: Due to popular demand for Cityzen scarves as art pieces, we are now offering them in a 20" x 20" modern white frame that will beautify any room while showcasing the beauty of the world and the commonalities we share. Digital print of the aerial view of Athens

This framed Athens map was inspired by the Aegean Sea, Greece's sun bleached ancient ruins, it's white washed architecture with painted blue doors and windows, the  pierce blue skies and the delicious cuisine. 



Anafotika, Athens

Anafiotikam Athens, Greece with Acropolis in background

Blue coastlines


small and quaint cafes

Grilled octapus


Ancient ruins

Athens Scarf Framed