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Kerman Rectangular Scarf
Kerman Rectangular Scarf
Kerman Rectangular Scarf

Kerman Rectangular Scarf

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Size: 26" x 80"

Color: reds, oranges and earth tones

Material: 90% modal/10% cashmere with eyelash fringe ends and hand rolled side edges

Description: Digital print of the aerial view of Kerman

Kerman is located on the edge of the Lut Desert in the south-central part of Iran. The city is surrounded by mountains and is famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage. The city is home to many historic mosques and Zoroastrian Fire Temples. Kerman became the capital city of Iranian dynasties multiple times through out its history. Kerman is also known for its pistachios, crafts, rugs and kilims. 



Lute Desert

Gombad-e Jabaliyeh Fire Temple

Ganjali Khan Dome

Kerman rug

Fresh pistachios

Kolompeh pastry






Kerman Rectangular Scarf